Axial corrosion fatigue tests were conducted to compare the fatigue strength of foam-filled with unfilled one-inch diameter, 6x36, IWRC wire rope,both galvanized and bright, in air and in substitute ocean water. The results of the tests showed that the axial corrosion fatigue lives in substitute ocean water of foam-filled and unfilled wire ropes manufactured from the same wires were similar. However, the galvanized ropes showed a smaller loss in fatigue resistance in substitute ocean water than the foam-filled ropes. Also, the results of the tests showed that socket-related failures of the ropes, which were observed in 40% of the specimens tested, resulted in fatigue lives that were 1/2 to 1/9 of the lives of similar ropes that failed in the body. When socket-related failures were encountered, the effects of corrosion on fatigue life were negligible compared to the stress concentration effects of the socket.

With Z. Zimerman, "Axial Corrosion Fatigue of Wire Rope," Proceedings of the Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, 1985, pp 51-56.