Two state-of-the-art approaches to fatigue life and residual strength assessment that have received extensive experimental corroboration and wide application are presented. The component-test life-assessment model applied to weldment fatigue and the Miner-Palmgren cumulative damage model are described in detail with brief mention of the Neuber (local-strain) and fracture mechanics life-assessment models. The Failure Assessment Diagram currently used to assess the residual strength and structural integrity of cracked elements is presented in greater detail because of the lack of a single comprehensive guide. Also, the philosophy and current practice of fitness-for-purpose are outlined. The intentions of the author are twofold: (1) provide a tutorial document that will introduce to, or refresh for, the reader certain tools of fatigue life and residual strength assessment and (2) provide the reader with a document that will give guidance to: (a) the pertinent references for fatigue life and residual strength assessment and (b) the steps necessary to perform a residual strength assessment.

"Fatigue and Fracture of Ship Structures" in Prevention of Fracture in Ship Structure, Marine Board, National Research Council, Washington, 1997, pp 264- 327.