Variability in published strain-cycle fatigue data was essentially independent of grade and strain amplitude for life less than two-million reversals. Correlations between tensile properties and strain-cycle fatigue parameters were either not statistically significant or so highly variable as to be of doubtful practical importance. However, for a life of two-million reversals, total strain amplitude bore a significant relation to tensile strength. Present findings emphasize the need for caution in estimating life when dat are unavailable since such estimates encompassed a range in life 10 to 100 times greater than was actually observed.

With G. A. Miller, "Strain-Cycle Fatigue of Sheet and Plate Steels II: Some Practical Considerations in Applying Strain-Cycle Fatigue Concepts" in High Strength Steel for Automotive Use, P-124, Society of Automotive Engineers, pp 35-41, 1983.