Notched specimens of hot-rolled and high-strength, low-alloy steel were cyclically tested under load-control in salt water. (Unnotched specimens of these grades had been tested previously under strain control in a similar environment.) Four fatigue models for the estimation of life to crack initiation were evaluated in the program: the local strain model neglecting mean stress, the local strain model accommodating mean stress, an empirical stress-life model, and the fracture mechanics model. The local strain models, both with and without mean stress, were better estimators of fatigue life than either the empirical stress-life or the fracture mechanics models. Consideration of mean stress improved the local-strain estimates slightly but the improvements were insignificant.

"Fatigue of Notched Steel Sheet and Plate in an Aqueous Environment," Proceedings of the 1986 International Conference on Fatigue of Engineering Materials and Structures, Vol. II, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, 1986, pp 360-371.