Course Content

  • Historical and current experience
  • Sea load components and structural response estimation
  • Characterization of variable amplitude cyclic loads
  • Global and local stress analysis
  • Fatigue design curve approaches and limitations
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics concepts and tests
  • Damage tolerance/fitness-for-purpose analysis
  • Effect of environment in fatigue performance
  • Residual stresses in fatigue and fracture analysis
  • Impact of fabrication/construction tolerances
  • Interactive examples and exerciese

The course is accredited by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects for Continuing Professional Development and the The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers for compliance with NYSED guidelines for Continuing Professional Competency.

Course Leaders

The course material will be presented and discussed by recognized experts in the application of fracture mechanics-based methodologies. The course leaders are:

Additional industry guest lecturers will provide insight into fatigue issues and how they have been addressed.

Course purpose and description
Typical Schedule

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